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Originally Posted by Joseph Sheerin View Post
One other thought I had... I ordered some new Cheddite hulls, and the Bismuth shot....

We are still several months away from Waterfowl season, maybe I do some initial loads with them using some #8 lead shot for target loads, get the crimp down right for these hulls, so when I do the Bismuth loads, the crimp should already be figgured out....

I could do some 1.25 oz target loads for them so they should be close to same.
You can not substitute bismuth for lead shot and have the same pressure. Bismuth will create higher pressures than lead. I doubt you can find a published 1.25 ounce 12ga load using Green Dot with bismuth. 12ga bismuth loads use slower powders like Herco, Blue Dot and Longshot.
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