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2018 Las Vegas Show
Old 01-24-2018, 09:40 AM   #1
George "Scott" Davis
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Default 2018 Las Vegas Show

Unfortunately I missed the 2018 Las Vegas Show one of the few times I've missed it in the 25 years. Does anyone have any thoughts they would share?

PS: Spent that weekend taking my 90 year old dad to visit his 94 year old brother in Palm Springs.
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I thought the show was good fun. There were lots of Parkers to look at and many interesting guns in general. The quality was somewhat down from past years in terms of super high end guns but there were plenty of nice guns to look at and choose from. Dealers I spoke with reported good sales overall, with one or two saying it was one of the best shows they have had in the past 10 years. My favorite Parker of the show was John Puglisi's AAHE 12ga gun which looks like a beautiful original gun. My favorite guns of the show were the near mint cased pair of Remington revolvers (Sn 1&2) made for Ulysses S. Grant offered for sale for $2,000,000. They came directly from the Grant family!
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Randy Roberts
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George I thought the show was good. If you like Parkers there was plenty of eye candy to be seen. I had no more than walked in the door when I ran into an AAH 32" 20 gauge gun. The owner said it was already being considered by another dealer and as I understand it the deal did go through. There were numerous other high grade Parkers,some not so high grade as well.My only concern was the amount of empty tables and the attendance seemed down IMO. I am hopeful that was due in some large part to the terrible weather that parts of the country was experiencing then. When I left home for the show it was 10 degrees, it hit the low 60's Thursday in Vegas. That's reason enough for me to go to Vegas in January !
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