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Cut barrels and regulation?
Unread 02-17-2020, 01:07 PM   #1
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Default Cut barrels and regulation?

So, last week I met with a local gunsmith who has the correct equipment and a thorough knowledge of vintage doubles to take a look at my barrels. MWT looked great.

The barrels had been cut from 28" to 26 5/8" which I already knew.

Yesterday I took the GH 12 Gauge for a walk around and afterwards decided to shoot each barrel with RST Lite 2 1/2" #7's. Mind you, this was offhand at 25 yards but I was really surprised to see the right barrel print about 12" right and the left barrel print about 12" left. Will being cut have anything to do with this? I realize a sample of one each barrel isn't much but height was identical and I have shot offhand with others to pattern and have not had any trouble. Right barrel still had about .010 constriction and the left had about .020 and both were evident on paper.

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Barrels were regulated to shoot to a specific point, and cutting them can mess this up as you may have discovered.
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Cutting the barrels by only 1 3/8” should not have caused that.

Try various shot sizes, different powders - several different load recipies until you find one that prints where it is supposed to.

I have had Parkers with cut barrels as much at 4” and never experienced anything like you describe.

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I would suggest the next step would be putting the gun in a gun vise and shooting some patterns into a 30" circle at 40 yards. Vicing the gun will take the human factor out of the equation, then you can go from there.
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