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Dean Romig
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Treat your animal with respect, both before and after you have taken its life.

It is a gift. - Treat it as such.

Do everything you can to protect and preserve the meat your animal has provided you with.

"I'm a Setter man.
Not because I think they're better than the other breeds,
but because I'm a romantic - stuck on tradition - and to me,
a Setter just "belongs" in the grouse picture."

George King, "That's Ruff", 2010 - a timeless classic.
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Richard Flanders
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I think they're on their way to a Mad Max gathering. That slug you sent at your elk would likely have been a pass through at 200+ yds! My 400gr.45-90 lead bullets will easily pass through a moose's chest area at over 200yds.
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charlie cleveland
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richard that 45-90 has been my dream gun for several years....charlie
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Old 12-01-2018, 06:19 PM   #14
Kingston Wulff
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This would get you a "waste" citation in Nevada.
Kingston Wulff
(Nantan Lukan) Apache: wolf warrior

Well done is better than well said.
Ben Franklin
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