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Dean Romig
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The first shotgun my Dad bought for me (1/18/1960 my 12th birthday) was a Stevens single shot 20 gauge with exposed hammer and the lever was on the right side of the frame. It was a light “boy’s” gun that kicked pretty hard and I didn’t like shooting it very much. But I shot a lot of pheasants, rabbits and ducks with it.
Then in late ‘61 I discovered a 12 gauge Trojan that had belonged to my best friend’s grandfather and I got that gun on loan until about the beginning of ‘65.

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Originally Posted by Mike Franzen View Post
I knew the 215 was the hammer gun. I have the 315. An old neighbor woman who used to let me hunt rabbits on her farm showed me the 215 she kept for home defense. Her deceased husband had sawed the barrels off to about 10 inches. It was a nasty looking weapon. I commented that she could get in trouble with the law if they caught her with that gun. She just cackled and said “When the law shows up I’ll just play dumb. I’ll look at them and say it was Henry’s gun. I don’t know nothin about it”. I wanted that gun in the worst way and on a return trip offered her $300 for it. She smiled and said, “Honey when the law comes for you playing dumb won’t work like it would for me”. Now I want to buy a 215 after reminiscing about this.
I have a Springfield marked 12 that I bought at a yard sale that had the barrels hacksawed to just over 18”, and the stock cut off also. On the first attempt to cut the stock down, the highly qualified amateur gunsmith encountered the stock bolt, so he backed up a little and was succesful. When I got it, the forearm was attached with black electricians tape.

Nasty tool.

Ill see if I can dig this beauty from the recesses of my gun stuff and post a pic soon!
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