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Parker and patterns
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OH Osthaus
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Default Parker and patterns

just thought this was interesting - since we often talk about the patterning of the Parkers

from the October 1923 National Sportsman

too bad the records weren't all that "permanent"
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charlie cleveland
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great articule i have kinda wondered how they done their pattering...charlie
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I still marvel at the number of guns Parker manufactured AND the attention to detail and craftsmanship that apparently went into each one of them -- amazing!
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Dean Romig
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Most everybody knows that William Harnden Foster was editor and publisher of both "National Sportsman" magazine as well as "Hunting and Fishing" magazine and was a big admirer of Parker Bros. shotguns.
That being said, I mentioned in another thread recently that I am reading, once again, New England Grouse Shooting by Foster. And I just this morning finished Chapter V, Grouse Guns and Loads wherein he discusses (at length) the boring, choking, and patterning of shotguns, and loads including shot sizes etc. as they pertain to patterns. It is an extremely informative chapter and exemplifies his knowledge on the subject. While not mentioning the Parker name, he is very specific about what a shooter should expect of a gunmaker in these areas. It would be no surprise to learn that Foster had spoken on numerous occasions with the folks at Parker Bros. on the subject of boring, choking, and patterning.

Foster, of course, was far better at depicting the sleek lines of the Parker gun than was the 'artist' who rendered the picture in the above advertisement.

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