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Hammer Gun
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Thanks all, and Dave, good Luke with that new pup! Gary
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Default ACL

Gary my Brittany Dessa jumped out of the Mule at less than 1 year old and tore her ACL. Great sporting Dog Surgeon screwed and plated her leg 7 years ago and I think she would still jump out today given the chance. That's called Spirit. She has on occasion had a swelling where the plate is but a dose of antibiotics and some rest time seem to keep her going. She gets fish oil and glucosamine everyday and is a happy dog. We are gearing up for our annual blue quail hunt in NM which I hope Dean will publish a story about I wrote for the next PP. Meantime dove opens in a month in Tx. heat is the main concern at that time of the year. She is now being given Baby unflavored Electrolyte before and after each walk and run during training. She will get plenty during hunts this year at the advice of her new vet who is a hunter with Brits. Stay Tuned.
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John Taddeo
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I give my dogs Glycoflex 3 chews every day (recomended by my vet) and they seem to respond to it very well..
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