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Paul Harm
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Out of the 20 or so SxS's I own only the 1873 and one Parker hammer guns right side pierce the primers. I'm not worried about blow back. I wear shooting glasses. How many times has anyone heard of a shooter being injured from blow back ? I wasn't relating the story for a safety lesson, only to comment about Cheddite primers. There are 25 or so guys at my club who order reloading supplies about four times a year. All but one or two guys order 5000 Cheddites, and no one else has had a problem with blown primers. I've gone through over 60,000 Cheddites without a problem. It's only now with one gun that's giving me a problem. I could take down the firing pins a bit, but naw, it's not worth the trouble. I'll just use Federal or Winchester primers. I'd like to thank everyone for their concern about my safety but I'll be ok. Paul
Paul Harm
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I have trouble with Cheddites pericing on my Kolar O/U. The firing pins hit the primer at an angle and I think Cheddites can’t handle this. I have no problems with Winchester’s or Remington’s.
I have no problems with the same load with Cheddites in my 1100, the primer strike is straight on with that.
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