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Paul Harm
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Larry, go here and buy the Remington hulls!c=13
part # RMUPH10U
BP square loads are great, but the plastic shells don't last but a couple of reloads before they get pin hole burns through the plastic just above the brass. If I were shooting a lot of BP I'd buy the brass shells. Those will last forever even though they cost about $7.50 each. I keep reediting my reply. I got thinking [ dangerous ] - the Rem's cost about .45 each - 3 reloads of BP would be 4 shots total. Four shells at four shots each would be about the same price. I guess one would have to determine just how much BP shells he would shoot before buying the brass shells. Also, you don't want to use plastic wads with BP weather it's in a brass shell or plastic. You may have already knew that if you've been shooting smoke.
Paul Harm
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