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Another Parker Victory at the 1909 GAH
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Drew Hause
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Default Another Parker Victory at the 1909 GAH

Forest & Stream July 3, 1909

Field & Stream “The 1909 Grand American Handicap”

Sporting Life

Grand American Handicap- Fred Shattuck (Parker), of Columbus, Ohio by a score 116x120 in a shoot-off over John R. Livingston (Winchester pump), of Springville, Ala., (19 yds.), William Wettleaf, (Parker) of Nichols, Ia., (19 yds.) and George E. Burns (Winchester pump), of Cleveland, O., (16 yds.)

High Professional Average - D. G. Barstow, 18 yards, 95x100 (Remington pump)
Amateur Championship - D.A. Upson, of Cleveland, O., 188x200; Frank E. Foltz, of McClure, O., second, with 187; Woolfolk Henderson (Parker), of Lexington, Ky., third with 185.
Professional Championship -
Fred Gilbert (Parker) 193x200. W.H. Heer, (Remington double) of Concordia, Kansas, and J. R. Taylor, (Winchester pump) of Atlanta, Ga., tied for second place, with 191.
High Average for the Entire Tournament- Fred Gilbert.

August 7, 1909 Sporting Life

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