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"Tuck" was at the 1888 Bogardus-Bandle Match
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Default "Tuck" was at the 1888 Bogardus-Bandle Match

Undated ad from “Breeder and Sportsman”

As PRIZE WINNERS we challenge any other make of Gun to make a showing like the fallowing. All Previous Records Broken.
Never before were 100 live pigeons killed straight in a similar match, under same conditions, until the L. C. SMITH GUN was made and did it. In the hands of Mr. Al Bandle, of the firm of Bandle Arms Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, this wonderful score was made.
Capt. A. H. Bogardus scoring with a 12-gauge L. C. Smith in the match against Handle, the very high score of 95. A remarkable score with a 12-guage.
OFFICIAL SCORE Made in the match at 100 live pigeons, Hurlingham rules, barring gauge of gun, between Capt. A. H. Bogardus of Elkhart, Ill.,and Al Bandle, of Cincinnati, Ohio, on Independent Gun Club grounds, Cincinnati, Ohio, Christmas Day, December 25,1888; AL BANDLE, 10-gauge L.C. Smith; CAPT. A. H. BOGARDUS, 12-gauge L. C. Smith gun.
S. A. TUCKER, Meriden, Conn., Referee.
A. C. DICK, Cincinnati, O., Trap Puller. ED. TAYLOR, Cincinnati, O., Official Scorer. H. BOGARDUS, Elkhart, Ill., Trap Announcer.

Report in Outing: Sport, Adventure, Travel, Fiction 1889 p. 568
Al. Bandle, of Cincinnati, on Christmas Day defeated the famous shot, Captain A. H. Bogardus, by killing 100 live birds straight to the Captain's equally remarkable record of 95.
Bogardus shot a 12-gauge L.C. Smith gun, hammerless, 7 lbs. 12 oz. weight and shot 4 drams American wood powder in his first barrel, 1 1/4 oz. No. 8 shot in first and 1 1/4 oz. No. 7 in second, backed up with 3 1/4 drams Laflin & Rand “Orange Lightning” powder.
Bandle shot the same make of gun, 10 gauge, and used, first barrel, four drams wood powder, second, four drams Laflin & Rand “F.F.F. extra” powder, No. 7 shot.

Report in Sporting Life Jan. 9, 1889

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