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If it were me, I'd send the barrels to Brad Bachelder for blacking. What's a few dollars for UPS? If the buttstock is not original, you might cast around a while to see if you can find an original replacement. It's a No. 1 frame so there is a fair chance one might turn up. Try our "for sale" forum or ebay. A complete restock can cost you a bundle.

Your forearm needs more than rechequering. A good stocker should be able to bring it back along with a recut of the lines. Again... Bachelder if you are not a pro yourself.

As for the frame, try cleaning it up with a worn dishwash "scrubbie" and some Hoppes for lubricant. Go carefully and try to leave colour in the engraving. It should look very nice.

Best, Kensal

PS: I agree that the rib matt spots might well have been a factory botch.... mostly due to the added rib length/roll die capability.
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