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Originally Posted by allen newell View Post
I called Cullity to get and update on the fix to the ejectors. The DHE has been there a month and a half. Hasn't been touched so I'll just pick it up next week.

It's tough to keep all your clients happy when you're a one-man operation - each client has a different view of who's gun should be worked on next and when it should be completed.

I had a very positive meeting with Mike Orlen yesterday. I had telephoned him a couple of months ago asking if he could do some choke work for me while I waited. He told me he was pretty busy and if I could call him in a couple of months he would do it. I know he has a lot of work and lots of other clients have already sent their barrels to him. He has LOTS of barrels waiting for work.
I got to his shop yesterday morning before 9 and handed him the barrels and told him what I needed done. He said to come back in 45 minutes. I went for coffee and a bagel and drove around Amherst for a bit and got back to his shop in about 50 minutes. He met me at the door with my barrels in hand - work completed. It was all very positive.

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