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Stan, Stan, Stan . . . your suggestion is not an option! If I were to do as you suggest I would not only be ostracized from the entire neighborhood, I, myself; would be "grilled" by these same neighbors!

You see, in our neighborhood, this Sandhill family and in particular the baby Sandhills are like children. Would you actually grill your own child? After eleven consecutive years of producing baby Sandhills, this has been the one and only instance of any meaningful, albeit minor, damage done to our property.

I have decided what I'm going to do with this wayward youngster . . . nothing, nada, not a thing! Many bird species are or about to start migrating South for the Winter. Our Sandhill family is no different and will likely be heading for Texas before long. From what I've learned, the entire family will stay together over the Winter and return to this very spot in our neighborhood in the Spring; at which point the adult pair will kick out last year's offspring and start a new family -- just as they've done for the entire time they've nested in our neighborhood and the species has done for eons of time. They say Sandhills pair for life and may migrate and produce young for 25 - 30 consecutive years.

Here's hoping for their safe and successful return in the Spring!
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