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Nothing skewed or underhanded. Just a crappy Proxy Service. The Proxy-server that George Cole is signed up with is When an interested party signs up to bid in the auction, his bidding limit is assigned, and it seems to be random, and discriminatory. I was given a bidding limit of $2000, and was (very much) later told if I wanted a higher limit to contact the 'auctioneer' ahead of time. Presumably you would then have to give a credit card. Apparently the only way you would know beforehand, was in a confirmation email, which I never saw. So much for having an 843 credit rating.

With the exception of the SC, I knew all these guns, and was only interested in the Model 12, but another member, wanted the 32" GH, and was given a $1000 max credit. Both he and I gave George both barrels (see what I did there?) and he said Liveauctioneers cost him a LOT of money. I do know a bidder who wanted the SC and was prepared to go some, and he signed up a few hours before the auction went live, and was given a $2000 limit (the gun was already at $2500) and he said @#$%^& it and walked away.

George Cole Bought these guns. They weren't consigned. The internet bidding starting bids were his cost, rather than using the confusing term "reserve". Nothing wrong with that. My bid wasn't recognized by the proxi for some yet-to-be-explained reason, but George told me the following day that he saw it. I bought the gun from him at an amount halfway between the live auction starting amount and my high bid. I do not know if anyone else bid.
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