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The ribs may still be attached, but that does not mean that the solder joints have not been compromised. The joints can get softened and allow things to move before setting back up and reduce the holding power of the solder.

Salts can get between the barrels and get trapped and cause rusting from the inside out.

Or, nothing can get compromised at all.

If you see no evidence of issues, it is best to just shoot it until something does or does
not happen.

Re-bluing them by the slow rust methos does nothing to “fix” the problem beyond cosmetics and polish. If there are actual issues from the hot blue, the only way to correct them is to take the barrel set apart and re-solder everything.

If you have a set of barrels that were hot blued, I would stay away from very high volume shooting, which will generate a lot of heat in the barrels.
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