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Originally Posted by Rick Losey View Post
Belgium proof - which you knew -

if i was to guess the HL might be the barrel maker's mark

it doesn't fit what I see as a belgium inspector's mark
Looking close at the underside of the barrels , It doesnt appear to be laminated or damascus . There are some lines but they dont look like the pattern of any damascus or twist I have seen and there is only 1 type of steel as I can see. The marks look like tooling marks instead of what ive seen on any twist or similair construction of barrel .

The stock it self feels like it weighs at least 7lbs if or somewhere around that .
Id say the barrels feel probably around 8lbs or more . I dont have a scale to weigh them , just comparing their weights to a standard 7lb hunting rifle .

The rib seems better attached than the 2 Birmingham 10 gauges I owned .
I paid 1099$ for it much cheaper than any of the other 8 ga muzzleloaders I have seen . Though If i pickup a 8 gauge sxs cartridge gun this winter I doubt I will shoot this muzzleloader anytime soon . It needs a few things done to it and theres not a double gun smith anywhere close to me . There is a small dent about 5" back from the muzzle on the left barrel. Not sure how much of a issue that is . One of the lugs needs repairing . The left hammer is a little loose , the screw is tight and all it just has some side to side play in that left hammer . Overall I am happy with it feels pretty solid and heavily built . Im glad no cas shooter has cut the barrels off of it .
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