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Originally Posted by Milton C Starr View Post
Seems like these 8 gauge market guns are kind of a in between of a true punt gun and a shoulder fired gun . I have read a little of them being used for both . At 16lbs it is heavy but still litter than a 4 bore fowling piece haha .

If you have not viewed the youtube video that PGCA Member "OH Osthaus" posted a while back about the E. M. Reilly 8-bore used for wildfowling on the marsh in Scotland, it is well-worth seeing -- or even revisiting, as I just did.

William Wykes, his dog "Jake" and the 8-bore connect with a Goose, leading it by an estimated 14 feet.

Granted he's a robust-looking young fellow, and all of us aren't; but it is the best kind of outdoor story. His enthusiasm for the whole panoply -- the legacy 8-bore; the wetlands; the weather; the traditions involved; right down to the ritual cleaning of the gun, is inspiring.
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