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Edgar, we're talking wall thickness gauges. No wall thickness needs anywhere near 1/2" or 1" travel. Thanks so much to John Campbell and others for recognizing that Mr. Murphy is trying to assist other posters and the doublegunshop posters were not receptive and in fact quite impolite. Yup, PGCA is a friendly group. Bob Brown is a man of my own taste. He can't own enough measuring devices. My favorite bore mic is the five gauge set that Galazan sells, or did sell, for about $500. With a little modification, it will measure 28 to 8 gauge. In its factory condition, it will measure 28 to 10. I bought one at a gun show for much less, but it beats a pair of Skeet's micrometers, which won't measure a ten gauge. However, I still own my pair of Skeet's mics which I bought from Tony.
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