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Well, I choose to think of it as pre-season. Time to plan and make preparations for the coming season. Still have awhile that we can look for late season pheasants...even if they are ghosts. Couple days back Buzzy locked up hard in the most classic crouching point. He was more than half under grape vines butt high and riveted on a spot where the snow had crushed grass and briars. I sent in Finn the flusher, who torpedoed and out came a big woods rabbit. We all watched the rabbit's mad dash, with the flusher giving me that look that says, you know we could take one of those home every so often, that pup wouldn’t care.

We have already loaded 1500 shotshells. Have chronoed several loads that look right for speed and on paper. The quail for the spring are wintering fine. I need to build another Johnny house. I should be cutting wood, but that’s not as much fun as it used to be this time of year.
Hopeful for the Southern, counting on Ernie’s and Mike’s. We will need to test some of those shells out at Hunting Hills even if they don’t have the side by side shoot.

Harold we have a standing invitation to camp in Edgar’s bear pasture, maybe we can shoot Addieville. You better plan on catching some walleye with me in July / August also!

Grousetober is coming, just 9 months barely enough time to get ready.
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