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Post Season Blues
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Default Post Season Blues

Well, thought I was going to get one more hunting trip in before it all ended, but doesnt look promising. Three+ weeks, 2 trips, to the UP were wonderful, with great shooting and a bounty of birds in the freezer--so there will be plenty of smoked grouse at Hausemans again this year. Plenty of game lands pheasants also up to a few weeks ago.
Was going to Kansas in January, but Covid killed that deal. No, I dont have Covid, but the vaccine damn near killed my mother-in-law. At 92 and 72 lbs, it knocked the snot out of her. Now she is was not the picture of health to begin with, but now just cant see her making it much longer, actually met with hospice today, but not quite ready for that--yet.
My buddy Mike out in Kansas now, its warm, very dry, and windy, but he and his 5 setters are doing OK. He will stay until the season ends. He says come on out.
My other buddy Terry, is dropping his wife off in Nebraska, the heading to NW Kansas with his 1 yr old Lab. He wanted me to meet him out there, and bring the extra firepower of my 3 setters. Going to meet with him and give him my maps showing the WIHA areas and where I've done well.
Was just hoping for one more get-a-way, but there's always next year--I hope!
"How kind it is that most of us will never know when we have fired our last shot"--Nash Buckingham
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