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Originally Posted by Drew Hause View Post
It's...uh...complicated Bill

Leopold's company continued after his death, until about 1890. His company made twist, crolle damascus, and even fluid steel tubes.

About every Belgian tube maker produced some variant of "Bernard" tubes. The 1897-98 Ferdinand Drissen Price List shows Heuse-Lemoine Bernard listed SIX times: ‘ribbon-barrel’, Grades 1st - 3rd, and I & II.

This is Bernard Ribbon and probably a twist variant

The Parker Bernard was mostly certainly damascus, by any definition

3 rod Parker Bernard refinished by Tom Flanigan clearly demonstrating 2 full width rods between 1/2 rods where the edges of the ribband were "jumped"

Long version here
Thanks, I guess I am going to have to put this down as the learned counsel from Illinois being mistaken in his book as he is discussing Parker barrels when he lumps Bernard along with English and stub into the "Twist" Category.
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