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Published 2 1/2 inch 3/4 oz 16 G data.
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Default Published 2 1/2 inch 3/4 oz 16 G data.

Suprised to find 3/4 oz data on Hodgdons web site must be new. Load is just about one I have used from the 16 G society spread sheet . Can recommend it as a soft shooting clays load to 30 yards. Just right for my 0 frame 0 Grade Parker Hammergun.

Cheddite 2 1/2 inch hull. 15.3 Grs Hodgdon International DR 16 wad. 5,700 lbs 1100 FPS. 15.9 grs 6,200 lbs 1150 FPS. No fillers.

Few changes from published in my loads, Win 209 primers, Closest bushing I have drops 15.5 grs. Weighing shot drops they are closer to 11/16 oz than 3/4.

Hull fills nice, crimps beautifully on a Mec 600 with the shortmkit. I use Ballistic products brass pre crimp head, Mec spin pre-crimper wants to smash some thin cheddite hulls. Never loose one with the brass head.

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