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Originally Posted by CraigThompson View Post
Donít think I have any lead #2ís I do however have some that are Bismuth . But the targets at 40 yards Brutus shot with 4ís were pretty nice and the 6ís as well although Iíve never been much on 6ís for gobble birds . While I like Brutus a great deal Iíd still like an 8 gauge hammerless .

Craig - every turkey I ever killed was with #6 lead... year before last I killed 2 toms with 1 shot 1 1/4 oz. of 6ís. Aim for the head and your pattern will crush bones in his spinal column and skulk ane make jelly out of his spinal cord and brain. A dense pattern of 6ís does the job for me every time.

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