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Originally Posted by edgarspencer View Post
I wasn't questioning your word, Bruce. I was questioning my understanding that a Grade 7 was an A Grade, as those appear to be marked.
Before the AA Designation was catalogued , the highest was A but some A's were set up as Pigeon guns, as were these, without safety , no rib extension, and straight high stock. The rib says Pigeon Grade. They were extra embellished and graded 7 So some very early A's are grade 7 , and within a few years the AA designation was established for these Pigeon grade guns. Whether they were used solely for live bird pigeon shooting I can't say. Seems to me they would be equivalent to a British game gun pair for driven high bird pheasant and red grouse.

I wasn't at Parker Bros but am relaying information I have learned from TPS and from listening to true experts in the field. I have learned a little but have far to go. By the way there is some sort of face in the upper left corner. I don't know anything about that and don't know how that got there. Forum glitch??
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