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Originally Posted by todd allen View Post
I agree with Brian. I've done a lot worse things with money.
My friend, Chuck, (who Brian just finished some work for on a Repro) custom stocked a VH 12 ga. some years back, with some of the finest wood I have ever seen.
Wood on this level would be well over 2 grand these days, for a gun that's probably worth about $1,500.00
The hunting he has done with this gun just might have justified some of the cost, including his first triple on wild chukar.
Todd, in MY MIND a triple is bang-bang...eject...load-load- close the gun -bang with birds that all flushed at the SAME time, or is my version of a triple not really a triple? If so, that's quite a feat!!!
All it needs are graceful lines and an elegant look and evidence that someone put some loving care into fitting the parts together. Good honest wear only makes it lovelier still." MM
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