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Tim, I don't think you have looked very hard for info on the SBT on this web site. There is a forum titled Parker Single Barrel Trap Shotguns that contain much info on them. On the home page look at Grades and scroll down to the SBT pictures. The SC was by far the most popular. There were about 1800 SC's made and a little over 1900 total SBT's made. The Etchen stock was developed by Fred Etchen and is characterized by it's tightly curved pistol grip. They were aftermarket stocks not made by Parker. Google up Fred Etchen to see his accomplishments.

The SBT was introduced in 1917. The SA #1 Special sold for $550, SAA 450, SA $310, SB $225, and SC $150. By 1940, the prices were $761, $646.50, $449, $290, and $225.
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