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Originally Posted by George M. Purtill View Post
Robin- I was intending to convey my position that the PGF HOF should be described under the Awards/Recognitions tab or be put on its own tab. While technically possible, PGCA members shouldn't have to do a search of PP to find out about the HOF or who has been inducted to date. That's my position.
I thought about that and had decided that because it is a completely separate organization for tax exempt purposes, that I should maintain that separation. If someone developed a Parker Gun Foundation web presence, I think a link to it would be fine. If we develop a web page or even host it from the PGCA computer, would that possibly corrupt the tax-exempt status of the Foundation? I chose to error on the side by keeping a clear separation between the taxed and tax-exempt organizations. That was my reasoning for not including it in the Awards tab.
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