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Originally Posted by Dave Noreen View Post
In their 1900 catalog Union Metallic Cartridge Co. offered quite a range of 8-gauge loads, bulk smokeless matching the black powder loads.

Attachment 74255

They must have discovered some of those loads in smokeless were too hot and cut the smokeless loads back by 1901 --

Attachment 74256

1903 --

Attachment 74257

1905 --

Attachment 74258
I wish 1000 8 gauge shells could be had today for 80$ !
Seems like 2oz is considered a heavy load for the 8 gauge by those listings .
I think a 2oz load should pattern pretty good in the 8 gauge bore .
Most modern shotguns have no idea what a square shot column is or means .

I have seen some data a few years ago showing what the 8 ga industrial slugs were loaded to . I want to say it was a 3oz slug at 2500 fps .Which is crazy when you think about it because thats about 2x the projectile weight of heavy 50 bmg about 150fps slower .

I think when I get my 8 ga cartridge gun next year the bp data should be similair between the 8 ga shell and muzzle loader both using 2oz .

I planned on ordering some cases from RMC next year but seen yesterday they are planning on closing up shop.
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