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Regarding Damascus barrels on Parker Bros. guns -

Very early hammer guns (Lifters) may have had D2 - Two iron crolle
Then there was D3 - Three iron crolle, D4 - four iron crolle, (I don't recall ever seeing D5) then there's D6 - six iron crolle and that's where it stops.
The higher the crolle count, the finer the pattern and as far as I know they were priced accordingly.
The sales brochures of these barrels were "Damascus", "Fine Damascus", "Very Fine Damascus" and "Finest Damascus". Finest Damascus was D6 or six iron crolle and these were usually stamped DD on the barrel flat of the right barrel. The others were stamped D3 and D4. We see D3 and D4 stamped on Parker grades 2, 3, 4 and rarely 5 but Grade 5 or B guns more often had DD six iron crolle.

Incidentally, DD barrels are sometimes seen on lower grade Parkers but it has been my experience that such barrels were added later or were replacements for originals.

Drew can and should edit what I have written here as he is the authority on this topic.

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