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PGCA Election of Directors - Call for Nominations
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Default PGCA Election of Directors - Call for Nominations

The terms of PGCA Directors Gary Carmichael, Sr., Mike Franzen and Tom Wooden will expire in 2020. Tom Wooden and Mike Franzen plan to run for re-election. Gary Carmichael, Sr., has decided not to run. The terms of Mike McKinney and Brian Hornacek expire in 2021. The terms of John Davis and Mills Morrison expire in 2022. The Nominating Committee consists of (1) Chairman, Dave Suponski,, 203-260-1275, (2) Bill Mullins,, 865-548-3311, and (3) Jeff Kuss,, 219-465-8558. Nominees for Director must be Life Members, be willing to run for election and furnish a brief biographical sketch and a color photograph to the Nominating Committee Chairman and to the Parker Pages Editor no later than January 15th, 2020. PGCA members desiring to nominate Life Members must contact one of the members of the Nominating Committee no later than January 5th, 2020.
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