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Originally Posted by Harry Collins View Post
A square load for an 8 gauge load of 2oz of shot would be 4 1/2 drams of BP. I would think an over powder card plus a cushion wad plus another over powder card would work well. Most old school loads for 10 gauge and larger professed F. I use FFF in my 12 gauge. I would try F and compare it to FF. On the wad column You might skip the cushion wad and just use two over shot cards to see how it patterns. You have lots of fun ahead of you figuring out what the old girl likes. I would get a good brass rod to load with as the guns ramrod might not be up to the abuse of range shooting. McMaster Carr has brass rods I tapped the end of mine for a ramrod button
I will look into that thank you . I am hoping that the ole girl has shootable bores . Such a heavy built 8 gauge I am hopeful . Dont know if I will use it for turkey hunting next year though as I may have a parkers 8 gauge come February now that will be interesting .

For 1100$ I dont think I will be too disappointed , I have looked at the 8 gauge muzzleloaders on gunsinternational and they are all twice as much and look worse for wear .

On a gun of this vintage would it be risky to remove the nipples for cleaning ? I have seen videos of people shooting original civil war muskets and they appear to be using the original nipples .

I think I added up that a 22lb bag of shot will provide 76 , 2oz loads or somewhere in that range .I was looking at the magnum chilled shot on the bpi website . I was thinking the plated lead shot would not be the best for the old girl ?
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