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Maybe I should claim my VH as both the earliest and the latest VH with factory grade 4 checkering �� Never say never with a Parker. Kenny Waite Jr (RIP) who spent his career at Remington surmised this gun was a promotional to get a major Remington dealer to stock Parkers. Kenny had been told that when Remington bought Parker that there was a big push to get Remington Dealers on Board. He says if the dealer agreed, they would do something for the dealer as a gift. The gun was completed in december of 1935. Kenny said rail road freignt charges were cheap that time of year and remington would send a rail car filled with ammo and guns to regional distributors that time of year. Kenny a is sadly gone on to the western grouse fiields. Maybe some here can bring credence or doubt to this first hand story from ome of the Remington guy who taught me so much
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