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New to the forum from Chicago, but my Uncle Richard Flanders is a long time user
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Default New to the forum from Chicago, but my Uncle Richard Flanders is a long time user

Hello everyone,
I was very happily inducted into the world of Parker Shotgun ownership back in May of last year. My Uncle Richard was kind enough to pass on the Parker that had originally belonged to my Grandma onto me. Unfortunately for me though I live in the Chicago suburbs, I know I know, and there are not any outdoor shotgun ranges near me. So it took me a long time to finally get to shoot it, but over this last Christmas I got my chance to take it back to my mother's farm and try her out. It may not have been a proper demonstration of it's capabilities, being that we only had water bottles to throw up in the air and shoot at, but I loved it! This little 20g fits me so perfectly, I must be similarly sized to my Grandma. Although I never got to meet her, because she passed many years before I was born, I can at least have something close to me that meant a lot to her. I may have missed a few shots out of the 50 shells I went through, but I definitely blame myself and not the Parker! I am out of practice and plan on working on that at a little outdoor range I just discovered about an hour from my house. ,
Here are just a few pictures from my Uncle, they may have been posted here before though. And I took a few videos of me shooting it too. You can view the Youtube playlist here. I plan on cherishing this shotgun for the rest of my life, and passing it onto one of my own children some day. Thank you again Uncle Richard for letting me be a part of this family history. It is wonderful to meet you all!
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