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Originally Posted by Daniel Carter View Post
Dean in no way was i referring to Addieville but the club she said that she belongs to may have the people i am talking about. Out of the 2 i belong to 1 has a surplus of them the other none.
The wrong habits that come from doing it on your own or with poor instruction lead to leaving it or a lifetime of correcting it.
I suppose forty years ago when I first became intrested in the clay target games I was fortunate . The first person that took an intrest in helping me was an Class A skeet shooter but he had the ability to get an idea across in a way I atleast could put it into use . Sorry to say that fine gentleman hasn't been with us in over twenty years .

Latter I got instruction from a fine fellow at Fairfax R&G thats still shooting skeet and has the all time high total for NSSA registered skeet targets . He's also been NSSA All American in several of the concurrent categories .

I wasn't the best at skeet by any means 30+ years ago but what bits and pieces of success I had over the years can be attributed to their efforts to try and help me .

I buy into the theory that "usually" you get what you paid for , but with the two gentleman I mentioned they wanted nothing from their help . I honestly believe they derived a great amount of satisfaction from helping someone increase their ability .

I dunno if I ever told this story or not but I'll remmember it until they set me on fire and put my ashes in the box . I'd been shooting in the mid to upper 90's at skeet for a couple years but never gone 100 straight and to be honest it was working on me . We were at Fairfax R&G shooting a registered event think I'd gone 96 with the 410 and 98 with the 20 on saturday . Sunday morning we were shooting the 28 and I was in my usual lead off spot and my friend that is now passed was shooting drag . I made it thru the first box the second box the third box and was into the fourth box . The further I went without a miss the faster I'll shoot anyway the guy shooting in the 2 spot was my old grouse hunting partner and he'd grab my belt every now and then to slow me down between stations . When we got on station 8 for the final box I crushed the first target and as I called for the second target I felt my cap being lifted LOL's . My old deceased friend had my cap and I crushed the bird for my first 100 straight . When I turned around there were between thrity and forty people standing there to light up my cap , the other gentleman I mentioned was in the group .
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