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Originally Posted by Bill Graham View Post
I've been looking at "Tom Flanigan's Damascus Restoration Tutorial" which I understand to be an adaptation of Dr. Gaddy's method, and it mentions carding with wet baking soda.

Also, Dr. Gaddy's document directs the audience to drill a second weep hole in the rib. Do you folks do this, and how far from the muzzle is recommended?

Baking soda would be a neutralizer. Not for carding.

Do NOT drill weep holes. You are altering the barrels from their original state and they cause more problems than they prevent.

Have you actually used steam in regular rust bluing with good results? I tried it and found it very difficult to avoid spotting and getting a good outcome. If you have not used it before, i recommend a trial run to see if you can make it work for you.
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