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I spoke with Mr. Dale Edmonds at length about the process he uses. He told me that Dr. Gaddy's instructions left a lot of unanswered questions, and he learned it by trial and error, and even today he has different results depending upon the metal in the barrels. Of course he is finishing up his work and is retiring, and he found no one to apprentice under him.

I tried it and gave up. I can do rust bluing with no problem but Damascus was too much of a match for me. I can tell you that Mr. Edmonds does not drill a hole or additional hole in the under rib behind the forearm on the barrels he has done for me. I anxiously await my last set for a DH that he is doing.

Early Parkers don't have a weep hole to start with. But if when the barrels go in the boiling tank and you see bubbles coming from the ribs, then water is going to get in there. Thus I am sure the recommendation for the weep hole(s).
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