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It depends on what a shooter wants his 16 to do. Here is my take others may see it different.

Clay Targets don’t take many pellets to break and tight chokes deliver adequate density at reasonable distances. Round of Sporting Clays you shoot 100 shots or even more if warming up on 5 Stand first. 125 1 oz cartridges out of a 1 frame Parker 16 takes a toll. 125 3/4 oz cartridges much easier on the shooter, in most cases he will shoot higher scores with the lighter loads. Could be you could shoot the same score with a 20 or 28 but in the SXS tournaments those guns are classed with other 20s and 28s not with 16 G

Hunting small bag limits, few shots, 16 with 1 oz loads gun light and easy to carry is a fine choice.

Ballistic performance one thing Human performance another, guns intended use yet another factor.

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