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I have ben using 1 fg in the 10 and 1.5 fg in the 12. 4 dram and 1.25 oz for the 10 and 3 dram with 1 oz in the 12. Old Eynsford shoots the cleanest and fouling is soft and relatively light, Results on the clays are very good with performance equal to smoke less powder loads. At the Tunnel of Trees this year I shot my Army&Navy 1880's back action hammer gun and ran a 27 of 30 on the Incoming Challenge. I shot well and had many ask about my loads which were put up in Cheddite paper hulls. One can easily run 50+ shots without any fouling problems and then a brush and a few patches and you are ready for the next stage. Many years ago I purchased Pyrodex Cartridge when it was being discontinued on a close out price and use it in the 10 ga. Works fine with a plastic hull and card and fiber wad column 4 dram and 1.25 oz shot. Performance is quite good and fouling is light making clean up a breeze. About the only load I use to use up my supply of this powder. I still have about 5 pounds of it left. Pyrodex 2 fg can be used but I'd use a lighter dram equivalent to lessen the recoil. While black powder subs can be used I do prefer real black powder now with OE. I do like the 12 ga Cheddite papers with a roll crimp for black powder loads and use them often for clays and in the fields. Federal papers with a 6 point crimp also works nicely. Hot soap and water, brushing and patches make for an easy cleanup. If you are interested in loading some old time loads I'd use OE and you might be surprised in how well it actually works on the course and in the fields. It really is great fun!
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