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I have a question and not trying to pose an argument or be contrary, just want to know the basis for the notion. For the record I am believer of squaring the load or the shot column as best fit to a gauge of gun to get most shot in a pattern and limiting shot string. Recoil is not a factor in my thought.

What are the limitations and difference of performance in a 3/4 ounce load versus a 1 ounce load in a 16. I have always shot 1 ounce loads in my 16 and never thought about something less. Less shot in the pattern is just what it is, less shot in the pattern. Essentially if your shooting 3/4 ounce load that is a 28 gauge load. Are you saying that a 28 gauge load in tight chokes of 16 gauge is like shooting open chokes for a 28 gauge. A 3/4 load for a 16 is going to be probably less than a square shot column unless RST has redesigned the shot cup.

A 1 ounce load is considered the perfect load for a 16 gauge. A 3/4 load is considered the ideal load for a 28 gauge. I can see shooting a light load in a heavier gun like a 16 gauge would diminish recoil but is that the only factor. I that the case an not worried about recoil then why not shoot a 28 gauge instead if you that gun in your quiver.

Just wondering. BTW it is same discussion for say a 7/8 load which is ideal for say a 20 gauge.
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