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Originally Posted by Rick Losey View Post

i'm sure its not your reason- but a funny BP story -

many years ago a friend and his dad belonged to a small gun club- and it was quite disappointing to members to find out some one was stealing boxes of shells from members who left them sitting unguarded on tables in the club house- so one day my friend's dad set a box of AA's with his stuff on a table and left them there when they went out to shoot a round. My friend said something to his dad who simply said don't worry about it- sure enough, when they came back in the box of shells was gone.

His dad laughed and said lets go sit outside and watch people shoot. they were only there for a few minutes when a guy stepped up to station one on a skeet field and called for his bird - BOOOM goes the shot in cloud of smoke. the shooter looked around to see everyone staring at him, then picked up his stuff and left, never to return to that club.

yup- he had loaded that box with black powder
That's a great story! That would have been something to witness.

Every so often there'll be a live round left on the gun rack at the club almost intentional like. I've never been brave enough to touch one of those off.
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