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And that's just the sort of thing that would push me toward a vh, or a p, or whatever, instead of a Reproduction. (if there was sentiment/provenance or even, just a particular feel of a particular pc)

To expand on my earlier comment which may not have been abundantly clear..I would never NOT use an original. Just as a practical matter..a Repro, in some cases, just makes more sense. Even that viewpoint carry's a depends on the individual gun, of course.

With respect to Gunner's Gun - like Mr. Anderson, I must profess that I might be a bit biased (toward pointy critters)

Originally Posted by Bill Murphy View Post
Scot, don't fret about "Gunner's Gun" reducing the population of original Parkers. It used to belong to my wife, who tried to get me to take it, but she found an eager buyer in Rich. The sweet gun is in a better place and in better condition today. However, the gun is full of history, originally sold by a country store about six miles from my house, then owned by a local family until it came to Linda at a local estate auction.
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