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Originally Posted by Bruce Day View Post
Garry , I suspect you stay in the cabins on the south shore of Clear Lake and not in the old general store on the highway. We left plenty of birds for you, I assume because we did not find many.

This is our last day up north , have to go home then get ready to go again.

But here is Pete with his 7 month old setter pup, the brother of my setter. Just a big baby that loves to run.

Then fall trails.

And finally, the woods today. If you are coming north be prepared for snow, mud and cold.
The old store was once also the post office. What you saw there is all of Wirt. My kind of town. There used to be some good cuts behind the store but they've long since grown out. Sorry you did not find many birds. When the weather gets like you've described and the birds head to the conifers, the hunting -- at least the shooting part of it -- really takes a hit. Enjoyed your pictures and reports!
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