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Originally Posted by Todd Poer View Post
You worried about the Alzheimers already?. Stay away from cooking in aluminum pots.

That's funny Todd. I always cook with cast iron by the way. I'm very protective of my coverts and the property owners wishes not to let anyone else hunt their estates. There have been problems in the past. One day I was hunting Governor Dewey's property and threw off some yahoo's who were hunting near his house. They got back into their car, loaded their guns with slugs and fired shots over my head. I could hear the slugs whistle when they approached and crash into the branches above my head. I know they were aiming above my head, but the sounds of those slugs crashing into the branches above my head was a bit unnerving. The police caught them but it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Dewey was particularly sensitive to strangers on his property. For a long time he had a guard house in front of his home and a bodyguard named Cappy. Back in the 1930's he had a contract on his life put there by Dutch Shultz who he was prosecuting for mob related offenses, when he was special prosecutor of New York City whose charter, from Mayor LaGuardia, was to stop the mob in the city. The good news is that Lucky Luciano had Schultz killed before he could get to Dewey. Lucky knew that if Dewey was killed it would bring down a lot of pressure on the “syndicate” that would ruin their business.

Dewey kept a loaded Winchester Model 12 next to his bed in case anyone got past Cappy. He gave the gun to me in the early '70's. I still hunt his estate although he is long gone. He was a friend of my grandfather’s and always good to me. The gun gets passed to my family someday.
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