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That surely is a beautiful gun.

In my copy of Diggory Hadoke’s THE BRITISH BOXLOCK GUN & RIFLE, page 200 (which book I see open on your desk in your photos) I read that the classic William Evans gun is a “high quality, finely scroll engraved, top-lever game gun with intercepting sears, screw grip third bite and a highly-figured straight-hand stock. He also says that this grade of an Evans gun would typically have a “Shouldered forend wood”; drop points on the stock and ribanded fences.

Your gun appears to have all that in every way, assuming I am seeing a “shouldered” forend, a characteristic I have not been able to find a definition for. If that is the style of forend in your hand, would you please describe it and how or when it might be advantageous to have it as a feature?
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