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Rebounding locks are a good thing. They keep the hammer from resting on the firing pin after ignition. Which, in turn, allows the firing pint spring to withdraw the firing pin tip from the primer indent. If your pins are retracting, there is no problem there.

However... if you right pin is impacting harder than the left with the same brand of primers/ammunition, the issue may be the retracting spring. It may be old/weak/compressed. Check this before doing any work on the pin. If the springs seem OK, then consider the need to file the pin tip. If it is not piercing the primer, don't. If it is, take off only a few thousandths of metal, round the tip, polish, and try shooting.

Actually, from the nature of your post, it may be best to have a dedicated double gunsmith analyze the problem. The fix will not be costly.
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