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Originally Posted by Jay Oliver View Post
Dean, Thanks for posting those pictures...that is an amazing 16 gauge lifter! Those barrels are beautiful...the whole gun is beautiful. That is a nice and very rare lifter! Is the crack in the wrist the only big issue?

I really like that gun. I had done a search for 16 gauge lifters not too long ago and was wondering why I wasn't seeing too many and then looked in the Parker Story and noticed how rare they were. Was it something like 79 lifters total in 16 gauge? I am sure there were some not recorded but still, you just don't see them that often.
In fact Jay, my 16 gauge Lifter No. 18719 is not just rare, it is unique in that it is the only known 16 ga. Lifter of any grade with 27” Laminated barrels - so unique in fact that it is not even shown in the tables in the Grades section of TPS. And to top it all off, they are the Parker-made Laminated barrels.

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