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Greg Hartman 07-27-2021 10:30 PM

Looking for value and authenticity of Parker 12ga
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Greetings, first time poster and I'm looking for information on this Parker Bros. 12ga. I've tried my own investigation into the history and authenticity of this firearm to try and establish a value but keep running into dead ends. The gun is for sale but as close to the end of the earth as could be so needless to say I haven't personally seen the it other than pictures.

It was donated to Ducks Unlimited(date unknown) by Nan & Frank Pachmayr.
Serial No. 205227
There are a few scratches in the wood as shown in the pictures but other than that is claimed to be in an unfired condition.

Dean Romig 07-27-2021 10:36 PM

Anybody have the serialization book handy? I think I see cyanide colors on the water table of a Meriden numbered gun.

It is very nice looking though that is the lightest wood I have ever seen on a Parker.

Ahh... Pachmayr explains it. Frank Pachmayr couldn't touch a Parker without upgrading it or embellishing it in some way.


Brian Dudley 07-28-2021 11:55 AM

It is a Pachmayr upgraded Single barrel trap. Likely it started as an SC. There is a huge hole in the Serialization book for that block of numbers. Conveniently.

But you can tell in a few areas where markings were obviously changed.

It is a custom gun and the value would be whatever someone may pay for it given what it is. This one at least looks to be done a lot more accurately, in terms of an upgrade, compared to many other Pachmayr embellished guns.

John Davis 07-28-2021 02:56 PM

Well, you wouldn’t expect someone to donate an original SA1S to DU. I like it and would like to have it. And it’s got a good story to go along with it. But what’s it worth? Probably a little more than a nice original SC. IMHO

Brian Dudley 07-28-2021 03:20 PM

If one wonders as to what pachmayer upgrades and customs are “worth” one may check auction results from a couple years ago. I recall there were a number of them sold in one auction. It was discussed here on the board as well at that time.

And, an SBT would never bring as much as a comparable Double.

Kevin McCormack 07-28-2021 04:00 PM

What does the inscription in the stock shield say? I couldn't read it even after 3X magnification and a "haze" filter treatment. Maybe I need new glasses!

Mills Morrison 07-28-2021 06:45 PM

SBT’s are underrated. Get one and shoot and you will understand.

John Davis 07-28-2021 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by Kevin McCormack (Post 339563)
What does the inscription in the stock shield say? I couldn't read it even after 3X magnification and a "haze" filter treatment. Maybe I need new glasses!

Donated by Nan & Frank Pachmayr to Ducks Unlimited

Greg Hartman 07-28-2021 11:19 PM

Thanks for the information provided! My face will turn a shade of red when I ask this but what does SC stand for?
Also, which statement is true, it is an original Parker updated by Pachmayr or a Pachmayr made to look like a Parker?!
What is the approximate date of manufacture, Parker ser. #'s say 1923 but seems unlikely?
I'll do some more digging to find a value on the auction sites so I can give an educated offer

John Davis 07-29-2021 06:24 AM

Parker SBT's came in 5 grades. SC, SB, SA, SAA, SA1S. The higher the grade, the more elaborate the engraving, checkering and perhaps fancier wood. This gun started life as a lower grade (guessing SC but no factory records exist to verify) and was upgrade by Pachmayr to an SA1S. Originally manufactured in 1923 is about right. When it was upgraded is anybody's guess.

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