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john neal 03-01-2019 01:38 PM

F marking on barrel lug
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new guy here, I was reading the information on the reproductions. it stated that some of the early 28gauges had an F on the rear lug instead of frame size. I guess this was a mistake? low and behold, I broke mine a part and it has an F stamped on the rear lug. does anyone know if this is a common thing or do I have some rare neat history.

Greg Baehman 03-01-2019 06:53 PM

Welcome John and congratulations on your 1st post, hopefully it will lead to many more!

According to a post by Richard Skeuse, he informed us that an early batch of 28-ga. Repros had an F stamped just as your gun does. Others have reported that Repros were usually brought in in multiples or batches of 25 guns. So if that's correct, your gun may be 1 of 25 (or perhaps more) stamped with an F on the rear lug. We've discussed them previously here:

How about doing a little show & tell about your Parker Reproduction in the "Let's see some wood" thread?

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