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Paul Jackson 09-20-2021 11:43 PM

Hello from Washington
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I guess I should have started with an introduction. I got my first Parker about a month ago after a long search. " to scared to buy one over the internet". A well used but nice little 20ga VH on a O frame made in 1908. Now my addiction is full circle and am looking for another :). Thanks to everyone who has helped answer my questions so far. I am sure I will have plenty more.

Daryl Corona 09-21-2021 08:13 AM

Sure looks like a nice one Paul and a twenty to start out with is hard to beat.

keavin nelson 09-21-2021 09:12 AM

Welcome to the fold Paul, a nice gun to start with, it took me nearly 45 years to get my first 20ga Parker. There are many nice guns out there, just take you time and be careful.
You will find them all great!

Mills Morrison 09-21-2021 10:47 AM

A VH 20 is a great place to start! And just in time for hunting season . . . .

Welcome and enjoy your time here!

Dave Noreen 09-22-2021 03:53 PM

Welcome from the east edge of Washington state. Looks like a great little 20-gauge. Shoot it in good health.

Kyle Snitily 12-25-2021 03:44 PM

New member myself from the "509".

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